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MatchOffice is one of the leading players in the commercial property lease market in the world. We are an independent portal that collects all business centres in one place, making it easier for potential tenants to find their future office spaces for rent. We cooperate with major commercial centres in whole world

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6 months ago
von MatchOffice

Many good reasons to opt for serviced offices!!!

Share fixed costs
The choice of an office is a big responsibility and rent money is often a decisive factor. From a financial perspective, renting office space in a business centre is a good alternative to traditional office solutions. In a business centre, many tenants work in one building and collectively use utilities and other conveniences. Therefore, these high fixed operating costs are equally shared by all occupants: office cleaning, conference and meeting rooms, broadband and other facilities. Among other all-inclusive services, executive centres often offer a reception, the cost of which is also covered by all tenants. It has an additional merit: there is no need for you to hire front-desk personnel.

Added flexibility for your business
Traditional lease contracts stipulate a long notice period. You can avoid this if you rent business premises in a commercial centre. It this case, the notice period is normally much shorter, which gives you more flexibility. If your business outgrows the premises, you can rent additional office space or quickly relocate. This freedom is the key advantage compared to traditional lease contracts.

Close contact with other companies
In executive centres, each company rents an individual office to ensure employee privacy. However, there are a lot of shared facilities, for instance, a cafeteria, where you can meet colleagues to have lunch with and socialize. It not only creates networking opportunities but often inspires and motivates employees for professional growth. Entrepreneurs in executive suites or shared office spaces often collaborate on ideas and projects, which is a win-win situation.
At our site, you can find an overview of various commercial centres and coworking spaces throughout the World and find premises which best suit the needs of your business.

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