Scott Sinclair

63 Jahre
Recently retired

PLZ: 22620
Familienstatus: Married
Stadt: Northern Virgina
Lieblingszeitung: The Washington Post
Lieblingsmusik: The Book of Eli
Lieblingsbuch: The Once and Future King
Lieblingssport: Baseball, Surfing
Land: US

Love music, guitars, art, and photography. Music awakens your senses and makes peace in our world. Art enriches the world with its beauty and satisfies the soul. Like playing the blues on one of my guitars. Live in the mountains of Virginia. But, the beach is where I grew up and head back to wherever I need to clear my head and free my soul from the trappings of daily living. Be well and peace always for everyone.

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5 years ago
von beespapa

Lover of art, music, philosophy, a good book, and the company of my wife and 10 1/2 year old boy. Music makes the world smile and Art makes the world a happier place to be in. S. Sinclair 01/15/2015

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