Laser Cutting Production Efficiency
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Laser Cutting Production Efficiency

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In order to solve this problem, the research team adopted a new structural design. The use of quantum cascade laser to form "standing wave", and in the standing wave to add cracks, so that terahertz laser can be out of the waveguide, and the opposite direction of the band coincidence to increase the laser pointer intensity. The device successfully guided 80% of the laser intensity in the right direction. At the same time, the design also solves the traditional mirror caused by laser synthesis loss of the problem, for the terahertz laser efficiency is very important.

According to Milchberg, the value of the critical density system is that it promotes relative auto focus even at low energy laser pulses. This enhanced high intensity interaction produces a plasma wave that accelerates some of the electrons from the ionized hydrogen to the forward relative beam. Compared with the previous experiments, the long drive wavelength used in this project, low-power femtosecond laser pulse can easily close to the so-called "critical density" state. Since the critical density is inversely proportional to the square of the blue laser pointer wavelength, the gas target for the MIR laser pulse is 100 times lower than the gas target used in visible and NIR, making them more difficult to design.

These devices in the market occupies a considerable market share, one of them familiar, two cheap, although they are relative to the 500mw green laser cutting and other modern technology is very obvious disadvantage, but they also have their own unique advantages. CNC shearing machine because it is mainly straight cut, although the knife can cut up to 4 meters of the plate, but it can only be used only in the need for straight-cut sheet metal processing. Generally used in the plate after the flat cut, etc. only need to cut the industry in a straight line.

Laser cutting is a process revolution of sheet metal processing, and it is a machining center in sheet metal processing". Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product cycle, and has won a wide market for customers. Laser cutting and no cutting force, no deformation; no tool wear material, good adaptability; whether it is simple or complex parts, can be cut with a precision of laser rapid forming; the narrow kerf, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; can realize automatic cutting like, nesting, improve material utilization, low production cost, good economic benefit. The effective life of the technology, at present the ultra sheet 2 mm is mostly used in green laser light cutting, many foreign experts agreed that the next 30-40 years is the golden period of development of laser processing technology.

Cutting accuracy is the first element to judge the quality of laser cutting machine. The four factors that affect the cutting accuracy of a laser cutting machine are the size of the laser agglomeration of the laser generator. If the spot is very small after the gathering, the cutting accuracy is very high, if the gap after cutting is also very small. It shows that the precision of laser cutting machine is very high, the quality is very high. But the 50mw green laser beam emitted by the laser cone, so cut out the gap is also cone. Under such conditions, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the accuracy will be lower, so the greater the gap.

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Laser Cutting Production Efficiency
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