How to get a translation in 24 hours - 24 hour translation services?
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How to get a translation in 24 hours - 24 hour translation services?

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Translations and urgency are two words that do not synergize with each other. However, with the advent of online translation services the wheel has been broken. Now definitely there are instantaneous services like automated machine translations, however, the use of machine translations in the professional sphere is questionable. This article goes over various ways a translator and a client can optimize the process which results in translations to be quick. We will also mention the role of quick translation services in the overall process.

A perspective for translators:
    1. Learning glossary of relevant vocabulary is very important – this is more so important when translators aim towards specialization. It is a known fact that specialization helps in career growth, so learning new vocabulary improves your speed as well as your pocket!!!
    2. Translation techniques – use of loan words, nominalization, and verbalization is a great way to translate culture-specific terminologies. Along with these techniques, the use of Chunking techniques as described by Katan can serve as a great tool during the translation process. Up and coming translators could get themselves familiarized with the techniques to help translate quicker.
    3. Keep pushing – the quickness during translation will come with experience. As translators get familiar with vocabs, colloquial, and contexts translation rates tend to improve and translation agencies are always on the lookout for such translators.
    4. Use of machine translation - Accuracy should not be negotiated for urgency. Machine-assisted translation has a certain part (although minimal) to play during urgent translation. As you gain experience translating through the machine would rather be cumbrous. Expert translation describes translation to come from intuition rather than from reason, and the use of machine translation runs counter-intuitive to such sentiments. 

Suggestions for the client:
    1. Providing editable documents: Editable documents (word documents) is verily useful during the process of translation. Time spent on editing and formatting the documents can be allocated to the core process. It saves time and quickens translation. 
    2. Preferences and instructions: provide clear cut instructions on the details of the translation. Set proper deadlines, instructions on notarization, certificate of accuracy, and how specific vocabularies are to be translated. 
    3. Translate exactly: Avoid needless translation of documents. Excess translation of the document is going to cost more besides hampering the deadlines. This usually happens during the visa/citizenship application and college application. 

The mediator – 24 hour translation service provider:
    1. Several translators: Multiple translators give variety in the narrative of translations. This can end up hampering the continuity. However, this can be assuaged by the use of an expert quality controller. The quality controller can work towards maintaining a continuity that is best suited in terms of delivery and engagement. 
    2. Expert translator: Native experts can quickly decipher their way around source documents. As such fast document translation services should assign quick translations to expert translators.
    3. Quality control and coordination between translations: Since online translation is performed remotely, the ultimate role of translation services 24 hours becomes that of a mediator. Fast translation services can act as a node of communication between clients, translators, and quality controllers. 
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How to get a translation in 24 hours - 24 hour translation services?
How to get a translation in 24 hours - 24 hour translation services? ...
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